Sariska Tigerlands – The past and the present
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In our earlier blog on Sariska, we discussed what all you can do if you are on a one day trip. Here are the details if you are planning a night stay in the beautiful jungle, surrounded by wildlife.

Everybody wants to go to the green, beautiful and serene Sariska National Park. However many of the travelers do not know that Sariska and it’s environs used to dance to a very different beat not too long ago. The beat of royal drums, heralding the arrivals of the Maharajas of Alwar and their hunting dogs.

Sariska has always been the paradise for the hunters and especially for the royals of Alwar. Its palace has witnessed uncountable shoots. But this is a story of the past and now a different story has been added to the chapter- wildlife protection.

Things to do in Sariska:

Pandupol- It is believed that Pandavas spent a part of their exile at this place and hence the name. It also has a 35-foot long waterfall where a couple of hours can be spent looking playing in the water gushing out of Aravalli Ridge. An annual fair is organized at Pandupol every year on the road leading to the Hanuman temple.

The temple trail:

Neelkanth Mahadev has ruins of over 300 Hindu and Jain temple built between the 8th and 12th century. The Khajuraho style of cravings are present on the walls and was built around the same time.

Few other temples like Naldeshwar Mahadev and Bhartrihari temple are present in the sanctuary area.

Jungle Safari - Sariska National Park offers half day and full day jungle safaris. The jeeps can be reserved or can be shared with fellow travelers. There is a chance of witnessing leopard, tiger or panther after the recent rise in the wildlife in the sanctuary. Deers, Sambhars, peacocks, wild boar etc are in abundant. Do not feed anything to these animals.

Where to stay:

The Sariska Palace  Rs 12,000+ per night stay

Hotel Tiger Den    Rs 10,000+ per night stay

Gulmohar Sariska Resort  Rs 2000+ per night stay

Sariska Haveli    Rs 10,000+ per night stay

The Jungle Lap by Open Sky Rs 3,500 per night stay

Around Sariska:

Alwar: Alwar is located 31 km from Sariska. The city has forts and palaces, the cuisine and most important the ancient tradition of hospitality that is so integral to the Rajasthani culture.

Siliserh Lake: Siliserh lake is located 24 km from Sariska. The lake here looks picturesque, surrounded by beautiful hills. There is a hunting lodge which was built by Maharaj Vinay Singh for his Queen. The hunting lodge has been converted to a hotel now and is called the Lake Palace.