Think Beyond Goa – 11 reasons why Galle is a better option
Fotoplane Writer


Want to visit a beach and have fun with friends. But again you are planning a trip to Goa! Think beyond Goa and plan a trip to Galle in Sri Lanka.

Galle is situated on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka and is 119 km from the capital of the country Colombo. It is also the capital of the southern province. Galle was under the control of Portuguese and Dutch from 16th to 18th century and was the main port for trade. 

1. Clean water and cleaner beaches: 

The beaches of Galle is cleaner than that in Goa. Water is so clear that you can see the colorful fishes swimming in the sea just as you walk a little further in the sea.

2. Cheap flight ticket and Rupee gets doubled:

Flight tickets for Sri Lanka can be as low as Rs 3000 from Chennai. No Kidding. Do some research and book a month in advance and you will get the best deals. Also, Every Indian rupee converts to double its value in Sri Lankan Rupee. So you are richer automatically. 

3. e-Visa:

No hassle of visiting consulate before going to Sri Lanka. All you need to do is just fill a form online and save a copy of acknowledgment and land in Sri Lanka with that. You will get a stamp on your passport at the airport. It’s called e-visa.

4. Better Sea Food:

Seafood in Galle is far far better than Sri Lanka. You get all kinds of crabs, prawns, lobsters etc. You name it and they have that in their menu.

5. Explore Galle Fort:

Living monument: Galle fort is the living monument. People reside inside the fort area and they also have a beautiful cricket stadium close to the beach. A long shot by Dhoni can land the ball in the sea.

6. Better Adventure Sports:

Surfing, Snorkelling and Scuba Diving - Galle offers more adventure sports options than Goa. Experience the snorkeling, Surfing, Diving all in one place.

7. Party at Unawatuna:

Unawatuna is the place where you can go for late night parties. The crowd is amazing and you have numerous options. If you are still stuck on Anjuna then trust me you will fall in love with Unawatuna.

8. Stilt Fishing:

Ever heard about this style of fishing? Watch fishermen doing stilt fishing. Search for the popular photo by Steve Mccurry and you will know that it’s something that you must see before returning back. Choose a sunset time to get a real feel for this.

9. Clean and Green City:

Sri Lanka is clean and people have a sense of traffic. Drivers do not honk while driving and will also stop if they see anyone crossing the road. The streets are clean and the people are humble. 

10. UNESCO World Heritage Site:

Last but not least, Galle is a UNESCO world heritage site. You will have to experience it to know why UNESCO has chosen this place to be on the list. Tick off one more place in your list of world heritage sites when you come back from Galle.

11. Experience Dutch Market:

Galle was under Dutch rule for quite long. Still, there are many Dutch people living in Galle similar to French people living in Pondicherry. Experience the beautiful Dutch market and you will end up with bags full of souvenirs and decorative for your home.