Want to Travel More Efficiently: 15 Best Tips to Follow
Fotoplane Writer

ollowing some simple guidelines and a cross-check of your to-do list can make the travel trip memorable. Unplanned trips are exciting sometimes but not always. So here’s the compiled list of 15 best tips which you can follow to make your travel efficient.  Following this checklist while traveling will take away the stress and will make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important.

1. Research well



Researching well about a place is what makes all the difference in the first place. A new place gives a whole new viewpoint when researched properly as compared to an unplanned trip. Find out about the history and geography, about the people and their culture and local travel options available at the place you are traveling. It saves a lot of time which will eventually be used in creating memories.

2. Book in advance



Book your travel tickets as well as accommodations in advance. Booking travel tickets earlier will save some bucks for sure. If you wish to find affordable places later then also the accommodation for day 1 should be booked. It is never a good idea to go to a hotel to hotel with all your luggage on your back. You may end up spending more than you were hoping to save in this process.

3. Find local contacts


It is good to know someone local there whom you can reach out in case of emergency. There are lots of forums and websites where you can connect with people from that place. Just spending a couple of hour for this activity can be of great help later on.

4. Prepare itinerary


Itinerary should always be planned in advance. It will help you have a brief overview of what the trip is going to be. And you can also change the itinerary while traveling if you find a more exciting place or activity to do.

5. Cross check important things before leaving


Passport, Identity cards, tickets and hotel booking details are something you must have handy all the time. It’s better to carry a hard copy of at least important things rather than depending entirely on the digital format. A phone can run out of battery anytime leaving you clueless about what to do and where to go. 

6. Keep cash handy


Debit and credit cards are accepted almost all around the world but still, cash is something that you must carry. Keep some cash reserve in a separate compartment for the emergency situation. Do not touch that reserve unless you need that extremely. 

7. Take care of your luggage


It’s good to travel light so that you can always carry your luggage wherever you go. Never trust a stranger when you are traveling. Missing your luggage will ruin your whole trip and will leave you with memories that you would like to forget. 

8. Wake up early


Waking up early is a must. A beautiful sunrise is the best part of a trip whether you are on a beach or in the mountains. The morning is always peaceful and calm and it will also prevent you from running late to catch the bus, train or visit a place.

9. Connect with locals


Just smile and say hello and you don’t need to make an extra effort to make connections. Connecting with locals will help you understand people and their culture better. Also, you will find so much more exciting and amazing things about the place which the internet will not tell you. But always be cautious, don’t fall in any trap. 

10. Buy local stuff


You must buy local stuff whatever you find interesting. You won’t find those things again when you are back home and may regret later not buying it. Souvenirs as small as a fridge magnet or a coffee mug is a must for all the places you visit.  

11. Try local food


Never look for the food that you have been eating all your life. Instead, go and find out some local restaurants that offer authentic local dishes. Momos in Dharamshala will surely be quite different than what you will get in Delhi.

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12. Take photos and videos


Take lots of photos and videos of the place to post on Instagram and Facebook. Photos revive the memory again and again even after the trip is over and help you to relive the good old times.

13. Enjoy your trip


Enjoying your trip can also take effort sometimes. Everything will not go as planned during your trip also unlike any other day. Never be worried about the things that you cannot control like a train getting delayed. Instead, do something interesting and make the train journey memorable even if it’s running late due to unavoidable circumstances.

14. Volunteer occasionally


Volunteering is one of the most satisfying things for all of us. You must not miss any volunteer opportunity during your trip. Keep at least a day safe during your trip for a volunteer activity and you will have loads of real memories to cherish for.

15. Share your experience

Travel is fun and sharing your experience with your friends and family adds value to it. People love to listen to the travel stories. It inspires them to travel and what can be more satisfying to know that your stories are an inspiration for someone. Post on social media and you can make other jealous too.