Winters in Bihar
Fotoplane Writer

The photos were taken in the northern part of India. In this photo, we can see people washing clothes in a pond. The temperature was 3-degree centigrade. But washerman has to wash clothes early morning to earn their livelihood. The water was more chilled as it’s a still water. “We have to do this work else we will not get enough money to feed our children”, said the washermen couple who were washing clothes.

Snail Sellers


I took photo moved forward and found people sitting under a tree in the chilling cold. The surroundings were engulfed in fog. They were the vendors who were getting ready to set up their shop. They had collected snails and have come to seel it. Although it is not widely consumed still there are people who enjoy the taste of the food. In my next photo story, I will cover the story of snail sellers and their hardship to earn their livelihood.

A lady walks past the camera covered in a shawl. The photo has been captured at the right moment just before she is about to cross the camera. This gives layers in photographs which make the photo more engaging.