A usual evening at India Gate
Fotoplane Writer

Fotoplane was at India gate to witness the blood moon , a uniquely exciting astronomical phenomenon. But that turned out to be a total drab. Time period for the blood moon came and went. And everyone was left wondering and silly searching for Moon all around. Yes, complete bonkers !

Well, but today was a evening of double celestial dhamaka. So we did managed to see a total eclipse of the moon. And boy did we enjoy it. The moon was dark and had a ring of light around it. It seemed like moon was made of charcoal. And the ring of light which at first seemed very mellow turned into firey vessel, engulfing the moon in light from down below. We could see that the light from the sun falling on the moon was rising upwards. This transition took about 2 hours till the moon was shining brightly again. Its difficult to find infrences of people noticing the moon shining brightly, but today was one such day. We followed the moon till the darkness faded from the moon and moon turned bright yellow.

India gate in itself is such a wonderful place, always offering us a kaleidoscope of people, their activities. It is a very colourful place. In the evening the monument was lit up and the tri colors were shining brightly on its helm.

India Gate at Night

India Gate at Night

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