Yamuna Ghat No. 24
Fotoplane Writer

Delhi, Capital of India is well known for its Culture, History, lifestyle and food. People have been living here for centuries and shaping the course of Indian subcontinental History. Delhi has grown up alongside river Yamuna.

Not only we know very well that the Yamuna is one of the major rivers of this country but we know that it is polluted beyond belief. Fotoplane photographers try very hard to capture the beauty and wonder of a place. It is very hard to ignore the dire state of the river due to Delhi.

Fotoplane was at Yamuna Ghat no. 24 today morning. We overcame the usual early morning hustle of Delhi and stopped at Tea shop beside the cemented boundary marking the start of the official ghat territory.

We were curious to go get the feel of the place. And so we went, the place had hundreds of birds and I mean literally hundreds. So a lot of chirping loud and ablaze. And rising sun hazed by the smog of Delhi. And that's when you see a handful of photographers trying to capture the beauty and ambiance of the place. We found ourselves quickly drawn into the rat race. Feel, Frame, Shoot and tried being Arjun (from Mahabharat, of course 🙂 ) and tried hard to get beautiful frames and candid emotions.

But alas, we cannot ignore the sorry state of Yamuna river. Color of Water is black, no points for guessing :-). Birds don't have access to drinking water, do they? And rest of the folks who find it hard to make ends meet ?? Well, they have absolutely dirty, smelly, polluted water. A topic for some other day.

So we went there to feel the serenity of the place and at the same time tried to capture the ambiance of the place through our photos.