Fotoplane is helping conserve environment – Find out how!
Fotoplane Writer

Fotoplane will plant a tree !!! Yes, We truly care for our planet earth; hence we are committed towards protecting it. So, we have decided to plant a tree for many types of customer engagement. So read on to find out on how you can play a part in saving environment with us. 

The recent depletion in Delhi’s air quality has brought the city on worlds’ pollution map. The air quality index value for PM 2.5 in Delhi is usually above 300 which is considered ‘hazardous’. People wearing pollution mask is a common sight in Delhi nowadays. The government has tried various methods to control the pollution level but there has not been much success. We can apply various workarounds like the odd-even rule for vehicles, water sprinkle etc. for short-term effect but the only method that will fix the root cause is tree plantation.

Hence Fotoplane is determined towards bringing a positive change through every means possible. We will contribute a part of our revenue towards tree plantation and it’s nurturing for two years.

Fotoplane plants a tree in Delhi NCR for:

  • Every 100 likes on Facebook on your photo shared from
  • Every product ordered from for value above Rs 1000.
  • Every photography assignment that Fotoplane is asked to cover.
  • For every donation of Rs 750 towards tree plantation.

For this purpose, Fotoplane is proudly associated with a Sankalp Taru, an NGO based in Dehradun. The tree will also be geo-tagged to keep track of it to prevent from cutting down.

Come, let’s be a part of a green revolution and contribute our share towards a cleaner & greener environment.